Mastermind – A Place Value Game


Posted by lisar | Posted in Games, Number, Place Value | Posted on August 22, 2014


To develop understanding of place value

mastermind 001

To Play:

* 2 or more players

* One game board

1. One player chooses a number and records it somewhere they will remember.

2. The other players take turns to ‘guess’ the number.

3. The guesses are recorded on the game board in the place value columns. For each digit; if the place value of the digit is correct it is given a tick, if the digit is in the number but has a different place value it is given a dot, if the digit is not in the number at all it is given a cross.

4. Students continue to guess using the clues given with the ticks, crosses and dots to work out the number.

Can be played to any place value


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We use this activity in our learning space as a whole class tuning in activity and have used it to teach partitioning in addition and expanding numbers.

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