Target 1000


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A game using place value and addition

The aim of the game is to end up with a number the closest to 1000. (Target number can be changed to 100 or 10,000 etc)

To Play:

* 2 or more players

*Each player will need to rule up their own game board.

* 6 or 10 sided die

target 1000 001


1. Players take it in turns to roll the die. Each player can decide whether they will place the digit they rolled in the hundreds, tens or ones column. And right the total. Each player records this on their own game board.

2. Players roll again and once again determine the digits place value. This number is added to the number from roll one to get a new total.

target 1000 003


3. Play continues this way until each player has had 7 rolls each. If a player reaches 1000 before the 7th roll, they must continue to roll and add to their total.

target 1000 004


4. The winner is the player with a total the closest to 1000 after 7 rolls (it does not matter if their total is under or over 1000).

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