Get out of my house


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Get out of my house
By Michael Ymer

Focus – addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Suitable for Prep-Year 6

You will need:

  • Game board with the numbers 0-20 displayed in a grid.
  • Dice: 6 sided dot dice and 10 sided dice.

Each student has 7 counters of the same colour. Their partner has a different colour but also needs seven.
Students take turns in rolling the two dice. They may add or subtract the numbers to make an answer (depending on what they can do). One of their seven counters is placed on the number. The objective is to get all 7 counters on the game board before the other player. If a student lands on top of a number that has their partner’s counter on it they take their place and send their counter back to their partner. Students can have more than 1 counter of their own on the same number but if their opponent lands on that number all counters are sent back.

1. Add or subtract numbers to make an answer with the two dice.
2. Use ten sided dice.
3. Use three dice.
4. Allow any operations – division, multiplication, addition or subtraction.
5. Simplify the game by using a 0-12 game board and only two six sided dice.


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