Multiplication Snap!


Posted by jrom | Posted in Addition, Multiplication, Number, Subtraction, Time Tables | Posted on December 3, 2014

Tools – deck of cards (remove coloured cards)

2 or more students

On student begins by calling “multiply”, then deals two cards face up (eg. 5 and 7). Once the second card is dealt the first student to multiply the two numbers correctly collects the two cards dealt.

The student with the most cards (because he/she has answered correctly) wins the game and becomes the dealer.

Depending on the level of students’ ability you can change from multiplation to addition or subtraction etc.

A dealer can deal more than two cards – eg. the dealer calls adding 3 cards (eg. a 5, 7 and 2 are dealt), the first student to call “Snap!”and can answer correctly, collects the cards. The dealer can alternate by calling out, multiply, add, subtract etc.).

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