Time Circle (Analogue time)


Posted by Miss Lawrence | Posted in Time | Posted on December 3, 2014

You can use this activity to explicitly teach the hand placement of analogue clocks.

Have a small group of students seated in a circle on the floor. They are now the outline of an analogue clock.

Provide small whiteboards or blanks sheets of paper with textas to the children who are sitting where the numbers on an analogue clock would be (i.e. – the ‘top’ of the circle would be 12; the ‘bottom’ of the circle would be 6). Have children fill in their numbers according to their position on the clock – this can be done individually or as a whole group. These numbers can then be laid on the floor in front of children or held on their laps with the number facing into the circle.

Choose two children to be the hands of the clock. Ask them to lay on the floor to make the times. One child (depending on height!) may need to sit with legs straight to be the ‘hour’ hand.

Ways to change the activity:

  • Have the numbers already prepared and ask children place them in the appropriate places.
  • Only show the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the analogue ‘clock’.
  • Ask students to make a variety of times depending on student capability – you can go to 5-minute intervals.
  • Have children work in partners to make their own time and have other students read it to the group.

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