What are your chances!


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chance activity                                         chance colour chart

This chance activity takes a full lesson and can cater across the curriculum.

Teacher materials:

4 x coloured counters from 4 different colours.

Whiteboard or Interactive.

Whiteboard markers of the counter colours.

Container to hold the counters.

Instructions: Using the colour chart sheet, put on interactive whiteboard and get students to rule up in workbook (see chance activity). Once this is complete speak to students about chances of pulling out each colour ect. Students must colour the first square under guess before you pull out a counter. Once done you can ask for show of hands for each colour and enrich the oral language. Pull out a counter and students all colour this square that colour. Continue until all counters are out.

Differentiating:  This can be scaled up or down according to student needs. Higher students I discuss fractions, decimals ect. This can be seen on example above. Lower level students tend to just focus on the guess and actual.


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