Posted by Miss Lawrence | Posted in Graphing | Posted on April 30, 2015

Collect snack and lunch rubbish from students the day before the activity is planned. (We collected two day’s worth of rubbish so the activity could be run in two groups).

Lay rubbish on sheets of butchers paper. Ask children to sort the rubbish into their categories. Eg – types of food, different types of recyclable materials. Give children textas to label groups on the butchers paper.

Children can then graph their results – a whole class graph for younger children or individual graphs for older children. They can then use this data to make statements about the type of food that are being consumed; or the different types of rubbish.

Going further:

  • using these results to calculate how much rubbish may be throughout the level (or school) in a day, weeks, month etc.
  • using as a discussion for sustainability and working towards rubbish free lunches, e.g. – How can we reduce the amount of waste we make?
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