Data collection and graphing task


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The week long unit covers data collection and graphing.  It requires students to come up with categorical and numerical questions which they will then select one and conduct a survey among the other students of the learning space. They must then show their data collection using tally marks and then graph their data using a graph of their choosing. More capable students are can present their data using Pie Charts, looking at percentages. Students can then swap their graphs and then write a short statement of results about the information from the graphs. Attached is the PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document for data collection.

4WH Surveys

Design your own golf course


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Students use grid paper to create their own golf course. It can be linked to a variety of different math outcomes, including area and perimeter, shapes, angles, fractions, decimals and percentages.


Shopping Project


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Students develop their knowledge of place value in this task. Students get a budget in which they use to buy a range of items. This project covers adding money, ordering money based on their place value, partitioning, representing numbers in different ways etc. They use think boards to show their learning.

Place Value Project

Veggie Garden Project


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Students use their knowledge of measurement to create their own veggie gardens. This project allows them to design a patch, measure out where they will plot their vegetables by using informal and formal measurement equipment. It covers length, width, perimeter, comparing and ordering length and money.

Measurement project

Toy Sculpture Project


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This project allows students to develop their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. They are required to design their own sculpture, list the shapes they will need, document the features of both 2D and 3D shapes as well as making 3D shapes using nets.


Fun Park Project


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Students develop the concept of location by creating their own fun park. This project is scaffolded to different levels depending on what they are working towards. It includes plotting locations on a  grid map, giving and following directions, co-ordinates, map keys and a compass.


Location Project


Place Value Warm up Game


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Click the link below for game details

Place Value Warm Up

Time Mini Project – Planning a day at the movies


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Lesson 1 Planning:

Reading and highlighting Timetables (movie times & transport – bus, train)

Students are given a timetable for the movies, bus and train and need to use these to plan which movie they want to see on a Saturday day or night and which train and bus they might need to catch from their house to get there and home. Brainstorm extra activities we do when we have a trip to the movies. Movie timetables are set on hour or half hour intervals and run for a variety of times. Students to select based on their abilities


Lesson 2 Planning:

Plan the day – Duration

Running schedule/list

Students continue their brainstorm of extra activities they do at the movies (buy popcorn, go to the toilet). Think about the duration of each of these activities. List each one in their books. Durations of events may vary based on student’s abilities


Lesson 3 Planning:

Plan the day – Timeline #1

Colour blocks of time, show am/pm

Students rule up timelines in their books, which they must input the lines to show half an hour, quarter hour and hour blocks. Students begin inputting their movie time etc in colour codes to show the duration of activities to the nearest minute. Use their list from last lesson. Create a key for colour coded times


Lesson 4 Planning:

Plan the day – Timeline #2

Students finish off their timeline from last lesson. Make sure all durations are colour coded.


Extension: Calculate costing (eg. tickets for movies & transport, food)

Calculate the cost of tickets, transport, food etc. using the computer

Apple tree


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Students will be drawing an apple tree in their books and selecting a handful of green and red counters/apples to put on their tree. Children will have to draw these apples onto their tree and create an equation, e.g. 5 green apples + 7 red apples = 12 apples altogether.

Click on the link below for lesson plan

apple tree activity

Cookie jar – sharing activity


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Materials: Coloured pencils, plain paper and counters.

Task details: This activity can also be linked to the text ‘When the doorbell rang’. Students will draw a cookie jar in the middle of their page and place cookies (counters) within the drawn jar. Students will then draw a picture of themselves and a friend. They will then share out the cookies evenly by moving the counters one at a time. Once the cookies have been shared out they will draw and write the amount of cookies each person gets.

Skills: Counting, sharing and grouping.

Extension: Have more people to share the cookies between such as, the member of the students’ family.

Include different coloured counters (different flavoured cookies) which will need to be grouped before being shared.

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