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Posted by lisar | Posted in Money | Posted on September 17, 2015

Here is an activity for Money. It’s called My Party Plan (Project). The synopsis is below:



L- $5 to $10
M- $20
H- $35

Task 1 : Students will design a themed party and draw a rough copy of what the decorations for the party will look on the template provided.  Students think about what specific decorations and supplies they need for their party and add it to their wish list.

Task 2: After they have made a list, students choose those selected items from a price list and write the prices down next to the items.

L: Students write the items they would like for their party, along with the price and can draw pictures to match the items.
M/H: Students can complete an order form and also add the total they have spent.  If ordering more than 1 of the same item, students need to write this on their order form. For example, streamers x3 ($1 each) = $3.00

Task 3: Work out if you have any change.

Click the links below for templates for this task.

My Party Plan – Order Form

My Party Plan template

Party Supplies price list

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