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Posted by lisar | Posted in Addition, Money | Posted on September 17, 2015

This activity can carry on from the chocolate bar & lolly shop activity (featured in the Fractions section) by giving each “lolly” a price. Alternatively, you could have the students design a sweets shop (with cakes, slices, etc) or an ice-cream shop (with a range of flavours, cones and toppings!). Students may either write the individual prices onto the lolly shop sheet or may design their own price list. These can be adapted to ability levels. It is up to teachers how far that they want to take the next stage. Ideas are:

  • Ask other students to choose a number of items from their shop, which they would like to “purchase”. Owner of the shop has to add up the total of the items. You may even have them work out the change.
  • Set up a “shop” where the shop items are drawn or constructed out of materials. Using play money (and calculators if needed), students are given the opportunity to go shopping at each other’s shop and “buy” items using their play money. When an item is purchased, shop owners can cut out the item from their sheet and physically give them the item. They must also work out the total price of the items purchased, which the customer is to give them and the shop owner works out the change to give back.

* Please note: if you are allowing students to cut out their items from their poster, you may want to photocopy them just in case!

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