Heads or Hips?


Posted by Miss Gardiner | Posted in Four Operations, Number | Posted on September 6, 2016

This is a great warm up game that encourages students to use their mental maths. It has been taken out of the Maths on the Go Book 2.

You begin with a group of students standing. Tell the students a number. e.g. Year 2s you could give them 20, 3s and 4s 50 and 5s and 6s 100.

You must then give the students a problem and they have to solve it in their heads. You may like to give them a set time frame e.g. 10 seconds. They must then figure out if their answer is smaller or larger than their given number. If their answer is larger than the given number, they must put their hands on their heads. If it smaller, their hands will go on their hips. Tell students to not put their hands on their heads or hips until the time is up so there aren’t any students who copy. You can then go around asking students to explain how they got their answer. If a student has their hands in the wrong place or can’t explain their thinking, they can sit down.

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