Probability Scale


Posted by MissFelmingham | Posted in Chance, Probability | Posted on September 7, 2016

This is a probability warm up that looks at placing chance events on a probability scale based on the likelihood of the event happening. This can be done as a whole group/class warm up or in smaller groups.

Lay out on the floor or whiteboard a probability scale from impossible, unlikely, even chance/possible, likely and certain.

Students will need to write down a random event on a piece of paper. They will then need to decide where to place the event on the probability scale. Students can have a discussion with other students about where they should place their event and why. Students can also have a go at swapping events with a partner and placing that event on the probability scale.

Differentiate this activity by using language such as will happen, might happen or won’t happen or extend by using percentages for the probability scale.

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