Odd and Even


Posted by Perri Wilkinson | Posted in Addition, Division, Four Operations, Multiplication, Place Value, Subtraction | Posted on August 28, 2017

The aim of this warm up game is for students to try and work out a way to make the final number either odd or even.

Students need a calculator and cards with the digits 0-9 on them.

Students place the cards face up on the table and choose who will be odd and even. Once they have decided who starts, they take it in turn flipping a card over. The first card is the starting number and they enter it on the calculator. That card is then turned over. The next player chooses a remaining card and an operation. They must do that operation with the chosen number on the calculator and continue until there are no cards left. The final number determines the winner, either odd or even.

One rule is that neither player can divide or multiply by 0.

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