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Posted by Perri Wilkinson | Posted in Addition, Place Value, Subtraction | Posted on August 28, 2017

This is a great warm up activity  for place value, addition and subtraction.

Each student has a calculator and must enter a 4 digit number (with each digit being a different number). The students then take it in turn asking each other for a number. If the student has that number, they must subtract it from their number and the student asking must add it to theirs. They continue this until either one person has a 5 digit number (making them the winner) or one person has a 3 digit number (making them the loser).

For example: Student A starts with 5831 and Student B asks for an 8. Student A must subtract 800 from his number using the calculator, leaving 5031, and Student B adds 800 to their number.

Support: starting with a 3 digit number, recording their working out

Extension: higher digits, decimals, explaining their strategy to win

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