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Posted by Perri Wilkinson | Posted in Addition, Place Value, Subtraction | Posted on August 29, 2017


  • Tens frames
  • Unifix
  • 10 sided dice

Students work in groups of 4-5 and start with 10 unifix on each of their tens frame. They each roll the dice and take that many away from their own tens frame, saying the equation e.g. 10 subtract or take away 2 is 8. Once each student has taken away a number, they need to look at each other’s board. Ask students to say their own number aloud in order from smallest to highest, highest to smallest and discuss numbers that are in the middle and what is the difference between highest and lowest etc. This activity encourages students to look at their own number in relation to their group members and think about the place value of each number. It can be reversed to include addition.

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