Rock Paper Scissors


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Warm up activity for number and place value that can be adapted to many concepts.

Students say rock paper scissors and then hold out fingers. They must then perform an operation and say the answer to win.


  • add the number of fingers
  • find the difference between the number of fingers
  • multiply the number of fingers
  • identify odd or even numbers
  • perform one of the operations above and then identify if it is odd or even
  • perform one of the operations above and then identify if it is a composite or prime number
  • perform one of the operations above and then identify multiples or factors of that number
  • multiply the numbers and round to the nearest 10

One or the lot!


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Number chart

Five students are selected to stand out the front of the learning space to be challenged with a series of questions related to a specific or mixed group of table number facts.
One student is chosen by the teacher to challenge either one student or the group – their choice.
The teacher then asks a question relating to a number fact, e.g. 7 x 6.
if the student chosen by the teacher answers first the person they challenged then swaps places. If they choose the group, then the whole group sits down and the student then selects four others to join them out the front.
If one of the group responds first, then the process continues

Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers using Arrays


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