Data collection and graphing task


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The week long unit covers data collection and graphing.  It requires students to come up with categorical and numerical questions which they will then select one and conduct a survey among the other students of the learning space. They must then show their data collection using tally marks and then graph their data using a graph of their choosing. More capable students are can present their data using Pie Charts, looking at percentages. Students can then swap their graphs and then write a short statement of results about the information from the graphs. Attached is the PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document for data collection.

4WH Surveys

Heads and Tails


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A whole class game of chance

Discuss the possible outcomes if you flipped two coins (heads and heads, tails and tails, heads and tails)

Prior to flipping the two coins, students stand up and predict the outcome. If students predict heads, heads – they place both hands on their head. If selecting heads, tails – they place one hand on their head and one on their lower back. If selecting tails, tails – students place both hands on their lower back.

After flipping the coins, students who were incorrect sit down. Keep playing until one student is left standing.

Data and Statistics

Results throughout the game can be recorded and used to calculate a fraction, decimal and percentage for each outcome.

Chance Experiments


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An activity for the level three standard; Conduct chance experiments, identify and describe possible outcomes and recognise variation in results.

Students roll a dice or flip a coin a given amount of times, graph the results and answer questions about their results.

dice roll

Dice Roll

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