Transformation in logos project


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  1. Introduce/revise the definition of symmetry and reflection.
  2. Students find company logos that have lines of symmetry or reflection.



3. Revisit/introduce the concept of slides and rotation.

4. Students find logos with rotation and slide.

5. Students are challenged to design their own logo incorporating all of the transformations – symmetry, reflection, rotation and slide.


Symmetry – Copy Cat Game


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Students use their Maths books and draw a line down the centre of the page to create two symmetrical halves. One students then starts colouring some grids to make a pattern, the other student then needs to recreate the pattern in their side of the grid book to make it symmetrical.

Symmetry Class Challenge


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Coloured Sticks



How to Play

Divide class into 2 teams.

Using the tape make a line down the room.

Team 1 roll the dice.

Team 2 use the (number rolled) coloured sticks (choose one or more colours) to design a form from the axis line (on their side).

Team 1 then must mirror Team 2’s design on their side.

Then Team 2 roll the dice, Team 1 will add to the design, Team 2 will mirror and so on.

Symmetry Names


Posted by MissFelmingham | Posted in Symmetry | Posted on August 30, 2016

Students use large kinder squares to make their name symmetrical.

  • Fold the kinder square in half
  • Write your name along the folded edge of the kinder square in bubble writing
  • Begin cutting out your name starting from the non-folded edge
  • Cut out the name, ensuring not to cut all the way to the bottom



Symmetry in the Environment


Posted by lisar | Posted in Symmetry | Posted on September 30, 2014

Using a device such as an ipod or ipad, students can take photos of symmetry in the environment.

Apps such as Doodle Buddy allow you to take photos then uses drawing tools to draw over the photo. Using this app, students can draw in the lines of symmetry for their photos.

symmetry 059 symmetry 075 symmetry 086 symmetry2 096

Symmetry Art


Posted by lisar | Posted in Symmetry | Posted on September 30, 2014

Using kinder squares, students fold their page one or more times and then cut out shapes from their folded page. Page is then opened to reveal symmetrical patterns. Students can then draw in the lines of symmetry.

symmetry art

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