Dreamworld Project


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Students plan a day at Dreamworld by using the information brochures provided to them. They choose different events and rides and plan a timetable for the day by completing the analogue and digital clocks.

DreamworldTimeProject 2.0-1vh829h

DreamworldTimeProject 2.5-28pp78u

DreamworldTimeProject 3.0-3.5-1rw5bu4

Olympics Project


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The students have been invited to the Olympics and need to plan a trip. They receive a budget and have to use it to purchase flights, food and events tickets.

Olympics Money Project

Olympic Money Project

Olympics Money Project 1.0 –

Information Sheet Olympic Money Project 1.0

Olympics Money Project 2.0 –

Information Sheet Olympic Money Project 2.0

Olympic Money Project 3.0

Olympic Money Project 3.5

Olympics Money Project 2.0-3.5 – Information Sheet[1]


Time Mini Project – Planning a day at the movies


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Lesson 1 Planning:

Reading and highlighting Timetables (movie times & transport – bus, train)

Students are given a timetable for the movies, bus and train and need to use these to plan which movie they want to see on a Saturday day or night and which train and bus they might need to catch from their house to get there and home. Brainstorm extra activities we do when we have a trip to the movies. Movie timetables are set on hour or half hour intervals and run for a variety of times. Students to select based on their abilities


Lesson 2 Planning:

Plan the day – Duration

Running schedule/list

Students continue their brainstorm of extra activities they do at the movies (buy popcorn, go to the toilet). Think about the duration of each of these activities. List each one in their books. Durations of events may vary based on student’s abilities


Lesson 3 Planning:

Plan the day – Timeline #1

Colour blocks of time, show am/pm

Students rule up timelines in their books, which they must input the lines to show half an hour, quarter hour and hour blocks. Students begin inputting their movie time etc in colour codes to show the duration of activities to the nearest minute. Use their list from last lesson. Create a key for colour coded times


Lesson 4 Planning:

Plan the day – Timeline #2

Students finish off their timeline from last lesson. Make sure all durations are colour coded.


Extension: Calculate costing (eg. tickets for movies & transport, food)

Calculate the cost of tickets, transport, food etc. using the computer

Time Circle (Analogue time)


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You can use this activity to explicitly teach the hand placement of analogue clocks.

Have a small group of students seated in a circle on the floor. They are now the outline of an analogue clock.

Provide small whiteboards or blanks sheets of paper with textas to the children who are sitting where the numbers on an analogue clock would be (i.e. – the ‘top’ of the circle would be 12; the ‘bottom’ of the circle would be 6). Have children fill in their numbers according to their position on the clock – this can be done individually or as a whole group. These numbers can then be laid on the floor in front of children or held on their laps with the number facing into the circle.

Choose two children to be the hands of the clock. Ask them to lay on the floor to make the times. One child (depending on height!) may need to sit with legs straight to be the ‘hour’ hand.

Ways to change the activity:

  • Have the numbers already prepared and ask children place them in the appropriate places.
  • Only show the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the analogue ‘clock’.
  • Ask students to make a variety of times depending on student capability – you can go to 5-minute intervals.
  • Have children work in partners to make their own time and have other students read it to the group.

Clock Stamps


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*Students draw out a digital time flash card.

*Using a clock stamp, stamp an analogue clock into paper.

*Draw in the hands on the analogue clock to match the digital time.

Digital Time Flash Cards : digital time flash cards

Creating Analogue and Digital Time


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Materials Required

* Individual analogue clocks

*Individual digital clocks

*Dice for creating time (dice can be created for the time of choice such as a die with half past and O’Clock written on it).

Students roll a ten sided die to get the hour and another die for the minutes. eg landing on a 6 and ‘quarter past’  results in quarter past 6.

The student then creates this time on both the analogue and the digital clocks.

IMG_0072 IMG_0123

Plan a Trip to the Zoo


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A project involving the concepts of reading analogue and digital time, reading timetables, using calenders, using 24 hour time whilst planning a trip to the Zoo!

trip to the zoo

A trip to the Zoo!!

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